The Rape Trial

Author: Bidisha Ghosal Victim Blaming has vern the sad reality in many incidents of Sexual harassment and assault in our society. Somehow its always the victim’s fault. The Rape Trial by Bidisha Ghosal explores the same waters. Rahul Satyabhagi, the heir of mega Satyabhagi business raped Avni Rambha nearly a decade ago and then dragged […]

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That Thing about you

Author: Abhaidev Format: ebook “What if coincidences in our lives are nothing but a result of a dice thrown by some higher being? What if, to the heavens, our livws are nothing but rows of dominos ready to be put into action? What if we all are mere pieces if pawns carefully played upon by […]

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The Reflections

Author: Arun Malik Format: ebook You have often people complementing others- saying that they look pretty, or handsome, beautiful, or smart? How do they feel? Did it made them happy? Now what if people start complementing about what a good person you are, a great parent or a an intelligent individual? Would that make us […]

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Winning over life

Author: Arun Malik Format: ebook Winning over life is a collection of motivational quotes written by Arun Malik. The quotes in this book, has been penned down thoughtfully and in a concise manner which just happens to make it more universal. The quotes in this book are quite insightful, inspiring and motivating. These are some […]

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The Very Best Quotes by Arun Malik

As the name itself suggests, this book is combination of motivational quotes by Arun Malik, who has also authored various book like ‘Marrying Happiness,’ ‘Winning over life’ to name a few. The quotes in this book sre original and highly motivating. The best thing about this book was, I believe that it didn’t keep itself […]

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The Indian Soldier

The books revolves around the character of a young boy named Arjun. The story begins in 2010 when Arjun realizes that he has cracked his IIT exam and also got into NDA. After much difficulty he finally choses his dream and arrived at the National Defence Academy. During his time in NDA, he learns valuable […]

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Marrying Happiness

Author: Arun Malik Format: ebook Marrying Happiness is the 6th in the series of self compiled quotation. These quotes aims to find a person’s innate happiness. The book is divided into two parts or rather chapters. The first oart is named as “Getting up from down” and the other part is named as “Happiness is […]

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